About us


Our mission is to be the number one trading and partner company in North Africa. It is our object to lead our group to new horizon on an international level that goes a long with our willingness and strong desire of our management to obtain such high ranking in the business world.

Establishment: Carthago Service & Commerce was established in 2010, with head office in Germany and branched just in Tunisia. Now we have three different locations in the world.  Carthago Service & Commerce is well established & well known among the clients of both governmental organizations and other private sectors in and outside North Africa. Carthago Service & Commerce has a very good networking with businesses all over the world that can ease the development of any new partnership or cooperation.

Industry: The group is mainly dealing in manufacturing, exporting, importing and distributing of various kinds of consumable and non-consumable goods from Europe, USA, Asia, Middle East, Far East and Africa as well as cargo services or controller.

2014 - Carthago Service & Commerce open a new Business in Car spare parts and Battery for the Libyan and Tunisian market. Also new for Carthago Service & Commerce is that we are the Exclusive partner of the group YAYLA for the North African and Arabic countries also for France, this chance we got in October 2014 at the SIAL Exhibition in Paris.

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